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halal2you offers online ordering along with options for pick up (takeaway), home delivery, specials or discounts, repeat orders, customer order history and much more. At no cost  to you, your HalalEatery’s online ordering feature will be available on the portal.


Customize your online menu to include deals, lunch and dinner specials, and other custom options. Your menu items will be showcased by pictures and also graphic indicators for spice level, healthy items, and other competitive distinctions.


halal2you’s built-in marketing capabilities allow you to feature discounts, specials or promotions you may have for a certain period and even feature on our Top HalalEateries & Top Cuisines section should your HalalEatery & particular dishes you are serving be popular with our customers in a particular city.  


Customize your online orders to meet your needs. You can specify among other things  minimum order amounts, service charge and other specifications. You can control your order volumes to match the demand and scale at a pace you are comfortable with.


Be more proactive and up to date with your order fulfillments. halal2you notifies via email, and if logged in, via live alert or notification. Utilizing this two pronged method you can be certain every order placed online is received just the same as the orders you currently receive over the phone or in person. You can easily define the delivery area, delivery charge, and minimum order amount.


In addition, we can send messages directly to your delivery people about pending deliveries and upcoming orders and help manage your delivery logistics.


halal2you offers the customer convenient and easy methods to pay for their online orders. In case of cash payments made by your customers, halal2you will send you a monthly report and online invoice for commission on each order placed through the portal. In case of payments made directly online, halal2you will collect its commission (5% of total order value) during the transaction whilst the rest of the payment which is due to you is sent to you online (all PayPal fees are to be borne by the HalalEatery). halal2you reserves the right to suspend  accounts for non-payment of commissions.

halal2you only receives payment after you receive payment from the customer. There is no upfront cost, no mandatory monthly fee, and our online ordering solution comes with a full 100% risk free guarantee. If you choose to discontinue service with you may do so at any time and for any reason.

You can access your account online at any time and also manage your opening and closing times and maintain your contact information. Additional features are indeed available should you decide to subscribe to one of our HalalEatery plans. Subscribing to the plans will allow you more flexibility to manage your HalalEatery profile and adapt to the needs of your customers. 


If you are a HalalEatery owner or manager and your Eatery offers halal products, we invite you to register! Click on "Click here to Login/Register" on the top right! We look forward to partnering with you.

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