halal2you, a great way to fill your hunger, the halal way !


halal2you gives you an exclusive access to restaurants serving halal products and their menus to pick and choose your favorite food online and have it delivered to your door step. 


halal2you provides you a wide variety of cuisines in multiple locations worldwide which makes it a convenient online destination for customers in a new city looking for halal options or for customers in their own city looking to order from their favorite local halal restaurants. Along with that, halal2you provides services like:

·        HalalEatery/Vendor verification to make sure they are legitimate Eateries and attest to serving only halal products via our platform

·        Customer Support (including Phone, Email and Live Chat)

·        Cash Back or Concession with food coupons and deals

·        HalalEatery’s Review section for your valuable comments

Enjoy your meal!

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